Study Method

All students are enrolled into the regular track by default. The decision to remain in the regular track or transition to the research track (thesis track) is made by the end of the first semester of the school year of enrollment. Students who wish to transfer to the research track will locate an eligible supervisor and submit a statement of intent to showcase the research idea no later than the first week of their second semester of studies. Additional information can be obtained here.

​Students in the regular track will submit a final project paper, according to the guidelines of the School of Public Health. Additional information can be obtained here.


Students transitioned into the research track (thesis), will follow the general timeline below (may be subject to changes; see also figure below for general representation of the timeline):


  • Full research proposal – to be developed and submitted to the Thesis Committee by the end of the school year of enrollment;


  • Data collection and analysis – to be performed after proposal approval by the Thesis Committee, during the second academic year following the year of enrollment;


  • Writing and submission of the final thesis by the end of the academic year following the year of enrollment.


In both tracks, students will have to meet the following requirements:


  • Participating in field trips, exercises, seminars, and instructions – as set during the course of the academic year.


  • Participating in at least two seminars organized by the School of Public Health or other scientific conferences.


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