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Those responsible for preparing for and managing natural and man-made disasters seek to identify efficient and professional strategies for responding to these disasters. There is a great need to improve the communication and coordination between the various organizations tasked managing these disasters.


Over the past few decades, many countries throughout the world have been required to deal with numerous natural emergencies, For example: the tsunami in Southeast Asia, hurricanes such as Katrina, earthquakes such as those that have occurred in Afghanistan and more recently in Haiti, and outbreaks such as Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) or Swine flu. Significant manmade disasters that have challenged many countries have stemmed from terror-related events, such as the September 11th twin towers tragedy and the industrial emergencies that occurred in Chernobyl and Bhopal.

In order to deal efficiently with such incidents, we must develop multi-level systems of organization which have to coordinate their efforts with international aid providing agencies. In order to effectively meet these objectives, talented practitioners, who possess the relevant decision making and research skills and professional knowledge, need to be trained.

An integrated system of preparation for dealing with emergencies requires cooperation between all of the relevant authorities.  It includes appropriate standard operating procedures (SOPs), education, training, procurement of equipment, and many other elements.  Programs for dealing with disasters involve many levels, from the individual, and the primary response elements, to the health care system, local administration, and the various levels of decision makers.


The International Program in Emergency and Disaster Management is a one-year Masters in Public Health that covers both theoretical and practical aspects of emergency and disaster management. 

The Multidisciplinary Program for Emergency and Disaster Management was established at Tel Aviv University in 2006 with the aim of providing graduates of the program with the knowledge and skills required to effectively deal with emergency situations.

This new and comprehensive program aims to be the standard bearer amongst programs being offered in this area of study. The curriculum provides both the relevant knowledge and research skills, in conjunction with the practical and operative experience of the faculty, and the students themselves. This program is unique: It adopts an interdisciplinary approach regarding the training, the provision of knowledge and the issues presented and discussed during the course.

The program creates and encourages ultimate collaboration between academic experts and field professionals. It aims to provide a broad and comprehensive vision and understanding of disaster management. The program is modeled after the extremely successful pioneering program in Hebrew and has earned an outstanding reputation both in Israel and internationally. The international MPH gives students the opportunity to study in Israel, a country well-known for its leadership in disaster management, with some of the world experts in the field as their lecturers and faculty.

The academic requirements of the program are high; however, students will be provided with appropriate levels of academic and administrative assistance. We are excited to have students participating from all around the world with different cultural and academic backgrounds.

Classes begin in October and finish in August. Students are required to attend an orientation prior to the commencement of classes. Classes are held in the afternoon - leaving the mornings free for other activities. It will also be possible, for an additional fee, to participate in classes to learn Hebrew or Arabic.


For details please call: +972 3 6408021 or email emergex@tauex.tau.ac.il

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