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Prof. Yehuda Lerman- Head School of Public Health

Professor Lerman is board certified in Occupational Medicine, Public Health and Health Administration. He served in the Israel Defense Forces for many years and was the director of the Public Health Branch. Prof. Lerman is the Director of the Center of Occupational Medicine of Clalit Health Services – the largest HMO in Israel. Prof. Lerman began teaching at Tel Aviv University in 1987 and has been a Professor of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine since 2006.

Prof. Lerman is a member of several national advisory boards in the field of preventive and occupational medicine. He is also the author of more than 100 peer reviewed articles and has received several awards for outstanding contribution to research. He has supervised many graduate and post- graduate students at Tel Aviv University.

Prof. Lerman received his medical degree Cum Laude (1977), as well as his Masters in Public Health Cum Laude from Hadassah Medical School at Hebrew University (1988). Prof. Lerman was a Fellow at the Department of Preventive Medicine, formerly known as the Department of Community and Preventive Medicine, at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York.

Prof. Kobi Peleg - Head Of The Program

Prof. Kobi Peleg is the head of the Israeli National Center for Trauma and Emergency Medicine Research and the Head of the Disaster Medicine Department in the school of Public Health in Tel-Aviv University. Prof. Peleg serves as the head for the Executive Master for multi-disciplinary program of disaster and emergency management in Tel-Aviv University, too. In this capacity, Prof. Peleg leads research and education activities in various fields of trauma epidemiology, with special interest in disasters and terror related injury and EMS. He earned a Ph.D. in Health Administration and Policy, focus in Emergency Medicine Organization from the Ben Gurion University in Israel, and a Master's in Public Health from the Uniformed Health Services University in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Prof. Peleg has vast practical and theoretical experience in disasters. He formerly served as head of the medical brunch in the homeland command in the 1st "Gulf War" and was responsible for the planning, preparedness, organization and training: conventional and unconventional. He organized and participated in the Israeli Field Hospital team to Rwanda in 1995, and served as the deputy commanding officer of the IDF delegation in the Emergency Field Hospital to the Armenian earthquake site in 1988. Additionally, Prof. Peleg was the chief of the IDF military medical school (col.). Prof. Peleg is a member of the WADEM (World Association Disaster and Emergency Medicine) Board of Directors, and one of the UNDAC (Unted Nation Disaster Assessment & Coordination) world experts and a member of the USAR (Units Search And Rescue) MWG (Medical Working Group). Prof. Peleg is a faculty member and visiting Professor at some universities as: the European Master for Disaster Medicine in Italy, Oklahoma University (The Research Center for Bioterror), and the New York Medical College. Prof. Peleg was a Senior Advisor to the Israeli Minister of Health for health services organization and planning, health policy, and emergency situations. Prof. Peleg was a member of the executive board of Magen-David-Adom (Israeli EMS).

Dr. Bruria Adini - Academic Coordinator



Dr. Adini has a PhD in management of health systems. She served in the Medical Corps for 17 years including 4 years as head of the emergency hospitalization branch, responsible for the emergency preparedness of all general hospitals. For 3 years headed the Emergency Hospitalization Department in the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Since 2000, serves as a senior consultant of the MOH on emergency management.

Dr. Adini specializes since 1987 in emergency preparedness and response of healthcare systems for mass casualty events and disasters. Acquired extensive experience in development of national operational doctrines and standard operating procedures for various emergency scenarios; medical manpower management; development and implementation of training programs and evaluation tools. Dr. Adini directs on behalf of the MOH as well as the WHO various training courses, aimed at developing and enhancing emergency management competencies among healthcare personnel.  

Dr. Adini is a board member of the World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM) and of the Local Authorities Confronting Disasters and Emergencies (LACDE).

Dr. Adini researches various aspects of emergency preparedness and response, including advanced methods of evaluating capacities and utilization of social media and has published numerous articles in leading peer-review journals.



Mr. Gili Shenhar

Colonel (Ret.) Gilead (Gili) Shenhar Gili Shenhar is a senior consultant in the Homeland Security arena. He is an expert in Emergency and Disaster Response assessment and planning and in Multi-Agency /Multi-Disciplinary Operational Response. He is an expert in Risk Communication planning and solutions. He is involved with R&D in this field, while doing emergency management consulting. Shenhar is a teacher and the program coordinator at Tel Aviv University, the executive master’s program for Emergency and Disaster Management Program. He is an ICT research associate. He is a researcher at the Israel Center for Trauma and Emergency Medicine Research, Gertner Institute. Shenhar is a senior officer in the, HFC, IDF (as a reserve officer). Since 2007 Shenhar is also an UN expert in UNDAC. Shenhar retired Colonel from Israel Defense Force (IDF) serving in active duty from 1976 to 2003. Shenhar has more than twenty-seven years of management experience. He was a leader of Doctrine and Development, R&D units, and operational organizations during his service in the IDF. He served as Senior Advisor to the Commander of the IDF Home Front Command during Operation Iraqi Freedom. His previous position was Head of Doctrine and Development for the IDF Home Front Command where he took part in preparing the Israeli population and relevant organizations for the potential consequences of Operation Iraqi Freedom. During the 2006 conflict he was called back to assist the Home Front Command with planning and executing Risk Communication and other activities for the civil population. During the 2009 conflict in the south, he was called back to be a senior spokesman for the HFC. He received his MBA from the Tel-Aviv University in 1999.




Prof. Arnon Afek

Prof. Arnon Afek is the Associate Director General of the Ministry of Health and Chairman of the Department of Medical Administration, after recently completing his tenure as the Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Health (July 2015). In 2015, Prof. Afek served as a member of the Bureau of Governors of the OECD Health Committee, taking a role in designing and determining health policy in the OECD. Since 2011, Prof. Afek also serves as the Director of the NY State/American MD Program and Professor of Pathology and Medical Administration at the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. Previously, Prof. Afek was the Director of Medical Affairs at the Israeli Ministry of Health (2012-2014) and the Deputy Director of Sheba General Hospital (2007-2012).

Prof. Arnon Afek received his medical training at the Hebrew University and  Hadassah School of Medicine (1981-1987), residency in Anatomical Pathology at the Sheba Medical Center and fellowship in Medical Administration (board certified Cum Laude) at the Sheba Medical Center and at the Ministry of Health. He completed M.A in Health Administration Cum Laude at Ben-Gurion University (2000-2002).

Prof. Afek has published more than 120 papers in medical literature including in NEJM, JAMA and Circulation and has received numerous awards, including the Tel Aviv University Rector's Award for Excellence in Teaching,  the Kellerman Award and the Goldberg Award, both for research in Cardiology; the Israel National Quality Improvement Award and the Award of Excellence in Military Medicine. Prof. Afek is a Col. (res) and has previously served as the Head of Occupational Medicine and the Medical Classification Branch as well as the Chairman of the Department of Medical Administration at the IDF Medical Corps.



Mr. Erez Meltzer

Erez Meltzer was Born in New York, educated in Israel and the USA, (Economics & Business- at Hebrew University, MBA -Boston University and Advanced Management studies in Harvard Business School) Mr. Meltzer is the former CEO of Africa-Israel - the largest holding company in Israel. In 2007 he led the largest ever Israeli IPO when he listed AFI development on the main list of the LSE. Currently he serves as the Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of Gadot Chemicals & Shipping Group and is investing in various business areas including: agriculture, industries and real estate via the family owned holding company. In addition, he is a teaching professor on crisis management, in the Executive MBA program at the Tel- Aviv University Prior to his position as the CEO of Africa- Israel, he was the President and CEO of Netafim in which he led one of the most challenging turnarounds in Israel. Netafim is the world leader in advanced irrigation based solutions and agro water technologies - a global company with business and projects in more than 110 countries, with revenues of over $800M. He is an internationally recognized expert on global freshwater, environmental issues (particularly on agro technology), and on global management and leadership. Erez Meltzer is a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces- Armored Corps (Colonel – res.). Erez Meltzer has recently been awarded the International Legacy Honor Award in the YPO for his leadership, business achievements and his contribution to the community.


Dr. Yossi Bolless

Dr. Yossi Bolless Holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Northern Illinois University and is teaching at the EMPH, EMPP program at Tel Aviv University and the MBA program at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya. His areas of expertise include Political Economy, Public Policy, international project management and Initiation and business management of High-Tech companies . He has co-founded and guided numerous high-tech companies from early-stage through successful public offerings on the NASDAQ and through high value buyouts. Dr Bolless served a long career in the Israeli Air Force and is the Chairman of the Public Council of the Israeli Chamber of Information Systems Analysts.




Prof. Liat Lerner - Geva

Prof. Lerner- Geva is a board-certified physician in Epidemiology and Public Health with special emphasis on reproductive epidemiology. Since 2001, she is the director of the Women and Children's Health Research Unit at the Gertner Institute for Epidemiology and Health Policy Research (Ltd) and since 2012 an associate professor at the School of public health, Sackler Faculty of medicine, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel. Relevant research agenda: long term effects of exposure to assisted reproductive technologies including cancer development in women and children following these treatments. 




Prof. Colin Price

Prof. Colin Price is a Professor in the Department of Geosciences at Tel Aviv University.  He is a world known Atmospheric Physicist, specializing in the Earth's weather and climate, with a focus on thunderstorms, climate change and natural hazards.  His recent research focus is on using Atmospheric Electricity to study natural hazards such as flash floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and solar storms). He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1962.  After starting his university studies in South Africa, he transferred to Tel Aviv University in 1982 where he completed his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences.  He received his Ph.D. at Columbia University, New York, in 1993, while working at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York. After completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, he returned to Israel and joined the faculty of Tel Aviv University in 1995.  He has published more than 120 scientific papers, and has a team of 10 graduate students and researchers working under his guidance on various scientific research projects.  He is married to Nurit, and has three girls, Avital, Leor and Maiyan.


Mr. Itamar Yaar

Col. Itamar Yaar is the coordinator of the "Grand Strategy for Israel Forum" and he is a consultant in the field of National Security and Management, to several organizations. As part of it served as a consultant to the Directors Generals of the MOD, the Ministry for Domestic Security and the Ministry of the Civilian Front. He is involved in activities and studies with several research institutes and NGO’s, dealing with National Security and Policy. He was a consultant to a leading international company and is an adviser to international experts.

Col. Yaar had served as The Deputy Head of the NSC and Head of the Defense and Security Policy Division, leading the National Security Net Assessment process and policy development, strategic threats, defense and security, domestic security, technology and demography.

He took part in the ‘National Defense Concept and Strategy’ committee and the ‘Defense Budget’ ministerial committee', and appeared in front of several Knesset committees.

Col. Yaar had a thirty years career at the IDF. His senior positions were commanding officer of an armored brigade, J3 of the Army, head of department in the Defense Staff Planning Branch, and the Defense Attaché in London, Helsinki and Dublin. He still holds a senior position of strategic Planning in the IDF, as a reservist.

Until Dec' 2013 Mr. Yaar had serve as a Chairman of the board of directors at Clal Finance Betuha Investment Management Ltd,  and a member of board at the Friends of the Open University. He is a member of the Israel Lottery - “Mifal Hapais” audit committee, and a member of the board of the Association of the Deaf in Israel.

Itamar Yaar holds a MA in Political Science and a BA in History, and is a graduate of the British Royal College of Defense Studies. 




Dr. Yoav Yehezkelli

Dr. Yoav Yehezkelli, born in Israel in 1960, is currently the medical director of Hasharon district, Maccabi healthcare services ( 2nd largest HMO in Israel ). Dr. Yehezkelli graduated medical school in the Hebrew university and Hadassah medical center, Jerusalem, in 1984. He then enlisted to the Israel Defence Forces and served as a battalion physician and as a regiment physician. Between 1988 and 2005 he served in the CBRN Medicine branch in IDF Medical Corps HQ, his last position was head of the branch in the rank of Lt. Colonel. During the same period he specialized in internal medicine In Rabin Medical Center, and then worked as a senior physician in an internal medicine ward. In the period 2000-2002 he was appointed deputy director of the hospital, graduated his Masters degree in Health administration in Tel Aviv University and finished his subspecialty in health administration. As part of his managerial duties in the tertiary hospital he was in charge of preparing it to a variety of emergency situations. Dr. Yehezkelli is working in the community since he retired from the army in 2005. In his current position as a district medical director he is in charge to the medical services for a population of 400,000 people in a large area. The district employ 900 physicians, Both primary and secondary, and 500 para medical personnel.




Dr. Shay Ben yosef

Sociologist, Organizational Consultant & Facilitator.
Ono business school organizational and community development track. Teaching at Tel Aviv University and Haifa University, Head of Community programs at 'Mahut Israel' emergency management.   My mission is to facilitate productive relationship and shared values; for developing better human ecosystems. Era of interest: Ecosystem, Complexity, Community development, Emergency management, Disaster recovery.


Dr. Zohar Rubinstein

Dr. Zohar Rubinstein (PhD) is a clinical and organizational psychologist. He is one of the founding members and a lecturer of the Interdisciplinary Master Program for Emergency and Disaster Management at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at TAU. Formerly he taught on Trauma and group intervention issues at the graduate program in the School of Social work at TAU. His PhD dissertation at TAU titled "From Shell Shock to Combat Reaction: the history of paradigms transition in Yom Kippur and Lebanon wars as expressed in the therapists and mental health system's narrative", reflects his areas of interests and activities: mental trauma and in the immediate and acute phases in particular; the organization of the mental health response both in local and national level. He co-authored the chapter "Early intervention among adults following traumatic stress events" In: Somer, E. & Bleich, A. (eds.): Mental Health in Terror's Shadow: The Israeli Experience. (2005). Zohar serves as the Chief Mental Health Officer in the Home Front Command in the IDF. He has been one of the chief architects for the national response for stress and trauma casualties in the Second Lebanon War and in the Gaza's "Oferet Yetzuka" (Cast Lead) Campaign.

His other activities regarding the national response for emergency and disaster events include membership in The National Council of Mental Health, and the MOH Committee for the organization of Mental Health Services for Emergency Situations. 

He is the developer and supervisor of the group intervention model titled "Intensive Short Term Group Intervention in a Psychodynamic Approach" (also known as the "Train Group"), originally designed for traumatic casualties. He is the CEO and the owner of an organizational consultancy company specializes in issues like organizational learning; crisis intervention; resilience of organizations to name just a few. 

His other areas of interests: History and Philosophy of Medicine; Trauma Testimony Discourse.


Dr. Moran Bodas

Moran Bodas is a researcher at the Department of Disaster Medicine & Injury Prevention (School of Public Health, Tel-Aviv University). His research focuses on the socio-psychological aspects of disaster management, public resilience, preparedness and public health. His PhD dissertation explored the mechanisms of public preparedness to armed conflicts in Israel and means to promote preparedness behavior. He performed his post-doctoral fellowship at CRIMEDIM (University of East Piedmont, Italy), and is involved in several research projects in the field of disaster medicine, humanitarian aid, and emergency management. Previously, he served as a CBRN defense officer at the Israeli Ministry of Defense and as the CTO of PrevenTech ltd, a private company specialized in CBRN Defense.



Dr. Yael Ziv

Dr. Ziv received her doctorate degree from Boston University. 

She has been teaching Leadership and Team Building in the Executive Master program of Emergency and Disaster Management of Tel-Aviv Univsity since 2012.

 She is also teaching Leadership in the Global Village at the Interdisciplinary Center of Hertzlia since 2002 and at Hult International Business School in Boston, Shanghai and New York campuses since 2003.

Yael lectured in the faculty of Management and in the executive MBA program of Tel-Aviv University from 1982 to 2013 and at the School of Management of Boston University from 1987 to 2006. For three years she was a visiting professor in a joint program of Northwestern University (Kellogg)  and Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, teaching Organizational Behaviour. Yael lectured at Wharton Executive Education programs, at Harvard Institute of International Development,  at Catholica Univeristy in Chile and  at Central European University in Budapest. Dr. Ziv  has extensive experience in leading training and development programs for managers in organizations. She has an outstanding record in students’ evaluations. 





Dr. Maya Siman-Tov

Maya Siman-Tov work during the last 10 years as a senior researcher at the Israel National Trauma and Emergency Medicine Research Center. In this capacity, she leads research in various fields of trauma and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  She has a Master in Sociology of Health from Bar Ilan University and in 2017 recieved her PhD. Her research focuses on child injury.




Dr. Tomer Simon

Tomer Simon, Ph.D, is the Futurist and Director of Academic Collaboration and Innovation in Amdocs. Tomer brings with him more than 19 years of experience in the IT world, including technology research, software development and managing and establishing large development centers. Tomer’s research expertise is in risk and crisis communication, and especially leveraging social media for emergency preparedness and response. He has published more than 40 papers on emergency management and crisis communication in international peer-reviewed journals and on popular websites. In parallel, Tomer is the founder and editor-in-chief of Ready.org.il, the largest Israeli website for emergency preparedness and readiness. He consults several Israeli emergency authorities and works closely with the Ministry of Public Security. Tomer holds an MPH in emergency management from Tel Aviv University, and a BSc in Geophysics. He is a major (reserves) in Home Front Command of the IDF, where he is a senior advisor for technology and population related issues.


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