Internship Opportunities

Building a holistic understanding of the theory and practice in disaster management and humanitarian aid is one of the goals of the international program in emergency and disaster management. Accordingly, we provide assistance to students in our program that are interested in interning during their period of stay in Israel.


We invite you to earn a valuable field experience during your university time!


Internships are an effective way to gain work experience and increase employment opportunities, as they allow students to experience a real workplace in a safe and structured environment. Apart from the vocational skills that interns gain, they also acquire additional skills, which may contribute not only to find a job but to succeed at one as well.


The internship can be used as a stepping-stone to a desired industry and sector. It provides an opportunity to learn and gain hands-on experience related to individual career goals and/or field of interest. The advantages in pursuing an internship, include learning from professionals, meeting new contacts and testing your "suitability" to any specific field. The internship offers students the opportunity to experience humanitarian aid challenges in Israel first-hand in governmental, industrial and non-governmental organizations.


Internships can improve the intern's CV as they demonstrate that a person has work experience, as well as other workplace skills. The skills can be both relevant to specific chosen professions, as well as communication and “people” skills that employers’ value.

Having successfully completed an internship makes a job candidate more attractive to employers. Many companies, NGOs and other institutes prefer to hire individuals who have completed internship programs, as they frequently possess better work habits, soft skills, and higher technical and industry skills.

An internship can be a real confidence builder for a student. Being successful in the real world can inspire a student to work harder at school and be more willing to take on challenges or be outside of his/her comfort zone.


Participating in an internship will broaden your knowledge and will open the door to novel opportunities as you develop new connections and widen your professional network. Your network will contain young professionals, like-minded individuals with varying academic and cultural backgrounds. It should be stressed that interning is voluntary and is not a part of the academic program. Nonetheless, aligned with the understanding that this may be useful to the students, we are willing to facilitate the process of identifying and following appropriate and beneficial internship opportunities.

To assist our students in finding internship positions during their study period, we have collected data concerning bodies that offer such opportunities. We are also happy to advise our students concerning the varied aspects of internships and provide guidance before and during the internship period.

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