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The Israel Center for Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Response was established in 2017 at Sheba Medical Center as a world excellence center specializing in preparedness and response to disasters and emergencies through operational deployment, teaching, training, and research. The center was established with a vision of utilizing the vast experience accumulated in Israel in these fields, sharing this experience and collaborating with other nations and organizations worldwide.

As part of Sheba Medical Center, the Center is unique in having the backing of the largest hospital in the Middle East, with all its medical and paramedical personnel, auxiliary support facilities and logistic capabilities. In addition, Sheba houses a world leading medical simulation center (MSR) with which we work in close collaboration in our training programs. The Center also works in close collaboration with other Israeli agencies such as The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Magen David Adom (The Israeli national emergency medical service), The Israel Fire and rescue Authority and The IDF Home Front Command and International organizations such as WHO, ICRC and MSF.



Operational Development

  • The center deploys medical teams to areas of disasters and emergency situations. The teams are based on Sheba personnel as well as volunteers from other organizations in Israel and overseas. Recent deployment of teams includes an infectious disease team to a cholera outbreak in Zambia, a burn team to the eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala, a combined team following cyclone Idai in Mozambique, and a pediatric and intensive care team to Samoa following a massive deadly outbreak of measles. In December 2020 the center deployed a specialty team of medical and ICU physicians and nurses to aid Piemonte - Italy in the fight against COVID-19 and similarly, In May 2021 a team was sent to Uruguay to assist and advise on COVID-19 management.
  • The Center is currently in the process of developing the capability to operate a full field hospital (classified by WHO as a Type 2 Emergency Medical Team). This hospital will be able to deploy to disaster zones worldwide. However, the center is also involved in disaster preparedness on the home front and this field hospital can also be deployed on the grounds of Sheba Medical Center or any other center in Israel in case of a major event with extensive damage to hospital infrastructure. Due to this capability, the center led the initial response in Israel to the COVID-19 outbreak, establishing in Sheba Medical Center the first COVID designated treatment facility in the country.

Humanitarian Response

  • The center is involved in humanitarian medical response projects worldwide. Much such activity has emanated from Sheba over the years through various governmental and non-governmental organizations. The center coordinates all these activities and assists in connecting the professional groups to the appropriate government and international agencies. Recent and current activities include, amongst many others - pediatric cardiac surgery in Nigeria, cataract surgery and dentistry in Papua New Guinea, surgery in Tanzania and Ear nose and throat surgery in Mongolia, trauma surgery in Cameroon, burn care in Haiti and pediatric orthopedics in Tanzania and Uganda.

Teaching and Training

  • The center offers comprehensive programs which include a thorough assessment of local needs and available resources, following which a program is tailored which is most appropriate to the local teams. The goal of the training programs is to upgrade the local level of preparedness and incident management capabilities for mass casualty events and disasters from the prehospital stage, through acute hospital care, rehabilitation and incident management at the municipal, provincial and national levels.
  • The teaching and training take place in our teaching center the through lectures, case discussions, tabletop exercises and simulation. Field outings are organized to various trauma centers, command and control centers, emergency medical services and mass casualty drills taking place around the country.
  • Some elements of the training program can be carried out on site in the local environment of the trainee’s countries by the Centers training teams.


  • The center is actively involved in research in the fields of disaster and emergency medicine. This can include clinical and epidemiologic studies as well as research and development in technical aspects of preparedness and operation. The Center is affiliated to The Faculty of Medicine in Tel Aviv University and collaborates with other academic institutions in Israel and worldwide.

Every country that has signed the Geneva Convention has a law qualifying one national society to maintain humanitarian law. The national organizations operate in their respective countries in conjunction with public authorities. As a fully-fledged member of the International Red Cross / Red Crescent, Magen David Adom serves as the Israeli Red Cross organization. MDA works to promote awareness of international humanitarian law amongst the public in Israel, by providing instructions and guidance for the prevention of accidents and diseases and promoting conduct based on respecting the dignity of others and the sanctity of life. A National Red Cross Organization has a variety of roles in wartime and peacetime, and it must prepare itself for performing these duties. The Organization initiates the construction and management of hospitals; trains nurses; organizes clinics for collection of blood donation; helps the disabled, the needy and the elderly and provides ambulance and rescue services at sea, in the mountains and on the roads. In addition, the National Organizations are committed to providing assistance and first aid in cases of natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, tsunami, etc.); tasks which are carried out with the help of millions of volunteers worldwide.

Magen David Adom in Israel is the State of Israel's national organization responsible for emergency pre – hospital medical care and blood services. The Organization handles hundreds of thousands of life saving cases every year, using technological devices which are among the most advanced in the world, in accordance with the common protocols for cardiac treatment of the American Heart Association. Magen David Adom collects hundreds of thousands of blood donations, including Pheresis, processes these, and performs all necessary tests in specially designed laboratories. Magen David Adom is situated at the forefront of technology, computing and expertise in these fields. Magen David Adom provides treatment to any individual who needs help – regardless of ethnicity, race, or political or religious affiliation. Magen David Adom helps many countries during disasters: the earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal and the tsunami victims are a few examples of international humanitarian assistance provided by the Organization. In addition, the Organization provides humanitarian aid in the State of Israel for the elderly and the needy. "Magen David Adom in Israel" has been - and still is - the National Rescue Organization recognized by law in Israel, ever since the State was founded.


Public Relations Department: This intern will write articles and press releases in English. map and build ongoing relationships between international organizations and media outlets.

International Department: This intern will assist with ongoing projects such conducting research, be involved in the volunteer recruitment process and fundraising. Regarding assistance to the manager of the English-speaking desk.

Nepal Embassy

Nepal is a naturally beautiful country located in south Asia. It shares territorial borders with India and China with an area of 147,516 square kilometers and a population of approximately 30 million. Kathmandu is the nation’s capital. Undoubtedly, Nepal is famous worldwide for mountains with not only Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth, but also 8 of the 10 highest peaks of the world. Nepal is a place of festivals with many parts celebrating festivals almost every day. It is a secular state with religious tolerance. Hindu community is dominant. However, being the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the apostle of peace, it offers places of pilgrimage for the Buddhist and other religions.


Embassy of Nepal

Nepal and Israel established diplomatic relations on June 1st, 1960. The Embassy of Nepal in Egypt was concurrently accredited to the State of Israel until the opening of the residential mission in Tel Aviv on August 13th, 2007. In addition to the State of Israel, this Embassy is concurrently accredited to the Republic of Cyprus too.



Public Relations, Diplomatic, Administrative and Communication: Functions of the Embassy:

The Embassy performs the following functions:

  • Representing the Government of Nepal in Israel and in Cyprus
  • Protecting the Nepali people residing in Israel and Cyprus and providing consular services to them
  • Reporting to the Government Nepal to update on recent activities and developments
  • Negotiating with the government of Israel and Cyprus
  • Promoting economic, cultural and scientific relations of Nepal with Israel and Cyprus


The Embassy of Nepal wishes to engage students of MDM, Master of Disaster Management from Tel Aviv University in activities pertaining to one or more functions as mentioned above. Besides, students will get opportunity to learn about various Diplomatic and Business etiquettes, communication skills, report writing skills and accounting skills. Students can learn about management skills, teamwork/group work skills (Organizational Behavior -OB) and so on. Also, students can closely understand about Nepal’s socio - cultural, economic and environmental aspects among others. 

Being a scholar of Disaster Management, students can be benefitted knowing about Nepal’s vulnerability in terms of Disasters such as Climate Change, Earthquake, Flood, Landslide, Avalanche and Fire among others and prepare themselves to choose Nepal for field study any time in future as the country ranks fourth, eleventh and thirtieth globally in terms of vulnerability to climate change, earthquake and flood risks respectively. 


Fluent English (written and spoken) 

Good interpersonal skills (helpful, positive and socialized)

Expected Organizational Behavior (OB) 

Having expected coordinating skills 



IsraAID- Vision and Mission

Founded in 2001, IsraAID is an Israel-based, international, non-governmental organization. Since its inception, IsraAID has worked in emergency and long-term development settings in 50+ countries. Our vision is a world where vulnerable, disaster-affected communities have the strength, support, and opportunities they need to recover from humanitarian crisis and build a more resilient future.


As such, our mission is to support people affected by humanitarian crisis. We partner with local communities around the world to provide urgent aid, assist recovery, and reduce the risk of future disasters. IsraAID is focused on building individual and communal resilience through genuine collaboration with disaster-affected populations, bolstered by our wide range of professional expertise. Our added value is also rooted in our agility. Our Israeli roots helped us cultivate our can-do culture, toward placing the future first.


Interning with IsraAID

IsraAID is collaborating with several academic programs, offering students variety of internship routs.

The Disaster Management Program in Tel Aviv University is a long-term partner to IsraAID and together we offer a wonderful internship opportunity.

Interested students can intern in one of the 4 departments at IsraAIDs HQ (located in the center of Tel Aviv):


The Programs Department- This department is the heart of the Humanitarian action, directly managing all field operations [Emergency and long term] and providing our teams worldwide technical support in the four sectors we work in. WASH [Water Sanitation Hygiene], Psychosocial, Education and Health. The Programs team also support all Monitoring & Evaluations activities. In 2021-2022 we will be able to offer 2-3 internship slots under this department.


Development-Communications- This department is focused on Development [Fundraising, institutional donors and private, donors’ outreach and engagement] and Communications [Social presence and awareness, PR materials, report and social media]. In 2021-2022 we will be able to offer 1 internship slot under this department.


Finance- This department supports all Country Offices in building and monitoring their budgets, as well as focusing on compliance, procurement, and legal support. The department is also an important partner to any donor report, from the financial aspect. In 2021-2022 we will be able to offer 1 internship slot under this department.




Human Resources- This department provides support to all Country Offices in all HR aspects [recruitment, employee life cycle, Learning & Development, Managers support etc.]. The team is also working on cross cutting projects like the Emotional Support program, the organizational learning platform, compensation and benefits etc. In 2021-2022 we will be able to offer 1 internship slot under this department.


Intern’s experience

Every intern will be working with a supervisor, who will mentor them and monitor their progress on pre agreed goals.

We see our interns as full members of the HQ team. As such they will work through an IsraAID email account, will get access to relevant materials and folders, and will be invited to meetings, gathering, and other forums.



The duration of the internship program for 2021-2022 is October 8th, 2021- July 31st, 2022.

The weekly framework is of 8 hours split into two 4-hour office days.


Screening process

We hope you will find the potential internship with IsraAID interesting and desired. Relevant applicants will be invited to a preliminary zoom meeting, in which we will give a brief on IsraAID and the program. Those who will chose to continue will be asked to submit a written assignment, and will be interviewed, online, by IsraAID’s representative from the designated department and the HR department.


Nala Foundation

NALA's mission is to break the poverty cycle by eradicating Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and other diseases of poverty. The NALA holistic approach works towards eliminating the root causes of those diseases, leading to sustainable poverty reduction, and healthier livelihoods by:

  1. Assisting national and international actors in designing and implementing programs for controlling NTDs and other diseases of poverty using community engagement and health education to facilitate behavioral change.
  2. Researching, developing and testing new NTD control modalities and tools.
  3. Advocating for holistic NTD control models with stakeholders and decision makers that promote behavioral change.


Our unique approach is based first and foremost on community engagement. We believe that in order to have a successful and sustainable program, the community itself must lead the way. Our program aims to work with community partners to identify blocks for community health, and to target the different layers within a community that can collaborate to work towards complete elimination of these diseases.


The Manufacturers Association of Israel


The Manufacturers Association (MAI) is the organization that has served as an umbrella organization for industrialists in Israel for more than 90 years. The MAI and its members have led the economy since the early days of Israel, guiding Israel towards its current technological power and economic prosperity. Israeli industry plays a key role in all spheres of life, ranging from defense, immigrant absorption and support for outlying regions of the country, to substantial investment in education and the community. More than 1,500 organization and industrial plants, some employing up to 400,000 workers, are members of the MAI. Members benefit from a wide range of support and services on both a national level and day-to-day factory level. The MAI provides strong backing for manufacturers and serves as an umbrella organization for all branches of industry: Hi-Tech, textiles, chemical, pharmaceuticals, environment, food, metal, electric and consumer and construction products.


Job Description:

Intern will be in contact with Israeli industrial companies will interact with economic diplomatic mission in Israel, write papers on various aspects of Israeli foreign economic relations, helping to arrange incoming and outgoing business mission. Organizing match making economic events and update economic presentations on Israel and countries around the world. Assisting the maintenance of the social media network of the department (Facebook LinkedIn)


Skills Needed (but not required):

  • Background in economics, business politics and international relations
  • Fluent in English, both verbally and written (advantage if there is knowledge on other languages as well)
  • Computer skills, especially with Excel and PowerPoint
Eco Strategies

Eco Strategies specializes in working with communities of small-scale farmers and their partners to significantly enhance yields and increase incomes. We integrate environmentally friendly and climate-smart agriculture knowhow and techniques with high value crops, affordable cutting-edge technologies, and local traditions and resources. In our work we aim to respond to some of the main challenges of our era in the spirit of the SDGs with a focus on food and water security, the climate crisis, and youth employment.


Our capacity-building projects consist of creating national and regional level agriculture Centers of Excellence with local professional teams. Our demonstration and training center in Israel is part of the Hava & Adam ecological-educational farm, located near Modin, half-way between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.


Currently we are focused on two major initiatives:

  • Submission of a Climate Data Fusion and Operations Center project proposal with European and US partners.
  • Re-Instating our Cape Verde Excellence Center Project and cycle of proposal submissions following a Corona year.



An Intern will be responsible for:

  • Being on the lookout for potential projects and partners.
  • Engaging in the proposal write-up and submissions.
  • Attending and note-taking in conferences and meetings.
  • Upgrading and updating our website.
  • Learning about our demonstration farm by taking part in two classes of our hands-on ecological agricultural course.


SID Israel

SID Israel is the Israeli branch of the Society for International Development (SID), a global forum of individuals and organizations in the field of sustainable economic and social development. Founded in 1957, SID currently boasts over 3,000 members in 80 countries and 45 branches around the world. SID influences development related policy by virtue of its special consultive status in various international organizations, including: UNFPA, UNICEF, ILO, FAO, ECOSOC, UNEP and others.


SID-Israel re-established its activity in 2011 as an umbrella organization that brings together over 160 Israeli private companies, government agencies, civil society organizations, academic programs, and institutions that work in the spheres of international development and humanitarian aid. SID Israel seeks to enhance Israeli engagement and impact in the developing world, and thus contribute to the achievement of multiple economic, social, and diplomatic objectives. SID Israel operates in a wide variety of fields, including policy advocacy and change, partnership generation, capacity building, networking and public outreach.


Intern will work closely with SIDs to help construct a course which will include coordinating with lecturers, working on the syllabus and creating information sessions, as well as assist with organization of events, workshops and seminars. The intern will also engage in research on international development and humanitarian aid, professional content writing and media content writing for platforms including Facebook, newsletter and SID website. The intern shall assist with business development activities as part of SID Israel's efforts to engage the Israeli NGO, business and government sectors


Intern will work from SID offices in Tel Aviv as well as from home


Want to gain experience in digital communications and learn about the field of international development and Jewish global service, while making an impact on the world? Join OLAM!


OLAM is a network for 55+ Jewish and Israeli organizations working in the fields of global service, international development, and humanitarian aid. We are seeking a part-time digital communications intern who is based in Israel (Most of the work will be remote but there could be several in-person meetings).


Digital Communications Intern

Responsibilities will include:

  • Working with OLAM’s Communications Manager to develop and implement outreach strategies to boost engagement and amplify the messages of our partner organizations.
  • Creating and posting content and graphics to promote programming, events, job opportunities, and more for OLAM and its partner organizations.
  • Working with the Communications Manager and other staff to manage our LinkedIn group.
  • Interacting with strategic social media profiles via their accounts.
  • Tracking and analyzing social media engagement data on various platforms
  • Researching social media trends & platforms and making marketing recommendations based on these trends.

The ideal candidate:

  • Excellent writing and communication skills in English
  • In-depth knowledge of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Experience working on website content
  • Knowledge of Canva and PowerPoint / graphic design
  • Knowledge of social media analytics software: Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and Twitter Analytics – to track audience engagement and campaign performance
  • Comfortable creating and managing multiple social media accounts, and developing content to inform, educate and engage
  • Passionate and motivated
  • Knowledge of the global Jewish community and background in international development


Programs Support Intern

OLAM is looking to bring on a Program Support Intern, to help the team (in particular the Director of Network Engagement and Programs) in planning and executing a number of programs. These programs include, but are not limited to, OLAM’s virtual Focal Point conference, Ethical Practices Program, and the Partner Renewal Survey. The majority of the work will be remote, with the possibility of participating in some in-person events.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Focal Point conference [OLAM’s annual Focal Point gathering is an exclusive opportunity for Jews engaged in global service, international development, and humanitarian aid to network, exchange ideas and best practices, and celebrate their shared commitment to serving the world’s most vulnerable individuals. Focal Point 2021 will take place virtually on Nov 3-4, with some regional in-person networking gatherings.]
  • Review and edit information on the conference website
  • Support the planning of in-person networking events for international development and aid practitioners in various cities around the world
  • Attending and supporting the in-person gathering in Israel
  • Manage information for organizational expo on the conference website, including communicating with OLAM partners
  • During the conference, support OLAM staff with leading tech in sessions
  • Other tasks, as needed


  • Ethical Practices Program [In September 2021, OLAM will launch an Ethical Practices Program that aims to motivate and support its partner organizations in learning about global standards for ethical practices on various topics (communications, community engagement, monitoring and evaluation, and global service) through trainings, discussions, mentorship, and other tools.]
    • Research and map out resources and existing trainings about ethical practices and international standards in international development
    • Support webinars and trainings about ethical practices
    • Communicate with OLAM partner organization about their progress in the program
    • Other tasks, as needed
  • Partner Renewal Survey [Each year, OLAM develops a survey for its partner organizations in order to get updated on their work and best understand their needs and requires a commitment for continued partnership.]
    • Build survey tool using FormAssembly
    • Communicate with OLAM partner organizations about completion of the survey
    • Update Salesforce with survey results
    • Other tasks, as needed
  • Other
    • Support with facilitating quarterly virtual global networking events for Jewish practitioners
    • Support with organizing ad-hoc webinars for OLAM’s wider network about current events (webinars in the past included the topics of the Covid crisis in India and the humanitarian crisis in Tigray, Ethiopia)
    • Participating in conferences or webinars led by other organizations in the field in order to share back best practices and trends


The ideal Candidate

  • English as a native language or fluency in English
  • Excellent editing and writing skills in English
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Quick to respond to email or phone communications (within 6 hours) and available for weekly check-in calls
  • Available to partially work at times that overlap with the Director of Network Engagement and Programs who is based in Washington, DC - between Monday-Thursday, after 16:00 Israel time.
  • An ideal candidate will be available during the full days of November 3-4, 2021, to support the Focal Point conference.


We welcome applications from people of diverse religious, spiritual, and cultural backgrounds.


Benefits of Interning with OLAM:

  • Learning about and meeting with OLAM’s vast network of organizations and individuals working in international development
  • Gaining an understanding of best practices and ethics in international development work, such as ethical communications, monitoring and evaluation, community engagement, and global service.
  • Being part of ongoing conversations about what is impacting the field today, enhancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), global Jewish responsibility, and more
  • Working with a global team of dedicated and experienced professionals who value openness and growth


OLAM promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion, and welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds.

Pears Program for Global Innovation

The Pears Program for Global Innovation is a non-profit program aiming at increasing Israel’s contribution to International Development through technology based, financially sustainable solutions.


The organization believes in the transformative power of technology and innovation to improve the lives of people all over the world. The Pears Program supports Israeli entrepreneurs developing solutions in the fields of Agriculture and Food-systems, public health and wellbeing, and Digital Inclusion, from ideation to the piolet stage. The Pears Program and the entrepreneurs and companies it supports work hand in hand with partners in developing countries to find solutions to international development’s most critical challenges and to increase the innovation capabilities of developing countries.


The Pears Program’s main areas of activity are:

  • Growing the pipeline of Israeli innovations addressing the international development challenges.
  • Growing the number of Israeli companies that adapt and pilot their solutions in the developing world.
  • Supporting greater ecosystem exchange between international development and innovation actors in Israel and partners in the developing world.


For more information about the Pears Program:


Internship Opportunities:

Community & Learning Intern

As part of our work, we provide our community with online content through our newsletter and social media platform. The Community & Learning Intern responsibility will be to support our community work by:

  • Curating content to our online platforms- LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. Content will include news, opportunities, job postings etc. (you can look at our platform to see more)
  • Updating our website & organization materials periodically
  • Updating our organization database on specific verticals
  • Capturing and summarizing the program activities and generating written summaries and reports
  • Reading and reviewing on recent trends and publications, including providing summaries and writing short concept papers
  • The intern might also be involved in off-line activities such as organization events or delegation hosting


MEAL Intern

As an organization dedicated to Impact, the Pears Program place great emphasis on monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning. The MEAL Intern will work with the programs’ team on MEAL issues related to the programs’ interventions. Including:

  • Designing monitoring and evaluation frameworks for ongoing and past programs
  • Documenting ongoing and past programs
  • Engaging in data collection activities
  • Engaging in data analysis activities
  • Writing MEAL reports
  • Desk research- conducting literature review on topics related to the programs’ core activities to help inform project design


Pears Challenge Venture Builder Intern

The Pears Program’s flagship initiative is the Pears Challenge. Over the course of the year, a small group of outstanding Israeli entrepreneurs and innovators are guided through the process of generating new technologies and structuring business plans relevant to developing countries. They receive ongoing support for their innovation including help with field validation and connecting with seed financing, through to successful commercialization and scale up.

The 2022 addition will focus on Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems in Ghana. The intern will be involved in:

  • Program recruitment and outreach
  • Coordination and logistics related to the program
  • Participation in the program itself ad tracking and learning
  • Knowledge management – summarizing sessions and takeaways


Engineers Without Borders Israel

Engineers Without Borders Israel (EWB-IS) is a volunteer-based non-profit organization that strives to promote the quality of lives in communities in Israel and around the world through human-centered engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs. The organization is based on voluntary action of Israeli engineers and scientist and is part of a global network of active volunteers dedicated to the common vision of community development engineering solutions. The Israeli headquarters provides coordination and guidance to field teams active in Israel, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Nepal, from inception to project completion. The Israeli organization acts as an accelerator for EWB’s students, out of a belief that students are a powerful source of advancement when given the right tools, opportunities and practice conditions.



Knowledge/Data base Intern: this intern will work to synthesize organizational and project knowledge gained over the years to create a database containing articles and project notes to ensure information is accessible for future projects.


Fundraising Intern: this intern will help with ongoing fundraising projects as well as initiate their own fundraising projects.



  • Good writing abilities
  • Ability to produce material and documents
  • Creative
  • Independent
Women Feed Africa

About “Women Feed Africa” (WFA):

WFA is an initiative for women empowerment in developing countries, established by a team of Israeli veterans of developing world projects. WFA partners with Okere City ( in developing implementation sites in Uganda. WFA is about programs for women empowerment in rural environment in the developing world, through implementation of a major 4 phases IIES development process (Initiation, Incubation, Expansion & Stabilization), imitating the development of a kibbutz in Palestine before Israel’s independence, using innovative social concepts, productive use of solar energy & affordable solar powered e-mobility & productive use of solar energy technologies. The major arenas are rural environment.

The initiative provides the technologies through mechanisms of Lease to Own. The initiative cooperates with women organizations in its targeted countries, as of now in Uganda, South Sudan & Kenya, with Ghana & Rwanda being considered as well. The initiative is now in discussions with Israeli MFA to establish a new program in Israel, through MASHAV, for women empowerment in targeted countries. The initiative is now operational in Namibia.


Types of Internships

Grant applications writer

  • The person will deal with grant applications, under the guidance of a senior person. The internship will deal with preparing the grant applications for various Department Agencies, for programs across Sub Saharan Africa.

Manage Contacts with Women Organizations in Africa

  • Initiating programs in various African countries the initiative is looking to establish contacts with women organizations in all English-Speaking countries across Africa. The internship will approach organizations, will present the unique value proposition and what women empowerment projects are done already in Uganda. Based on these “marketing” materials, the intern will propose projects/ programs.

Social Media Management

  • The internship will deal with managing Social Media aspects: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. The internship will also deal with the initiative website- blogs and alike.
Energiya Global

Energiya Global develops affordable solar projects worldwide, with the goal of providing clean electricity for 10 million people by 2030. Our vision is for a world in which developing nations will be powered predominantly by clean, safe, renewable energy. Clean energy will not be a luxury that only wealthy nations can afford but will be the energy choice for lifting people in developing countries out of poverty. Energiya Global mobilizes the ingenuity and the values of Israel and the Jewish People to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and empower people globally.


Internship Positions in Jerusalem (and some partial virtual):

  • Project Manager: this intern will assist the project manager or project management team on various initiatives.

Grant Writing Intern: this intern will deal with Grant Applications; under guidance of a senior person, The internship will deal with preparing the Grant applications.

Social Media Intern: this intern will deal with managing social media aspects including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. This internship will also deal with the initiative website – blogs alike.  May include organizing events and solar tours.

  • Research on the African Market Intern: Will provide economic and regulatory profiles of specific countries in which company seeks to deploy solar power.
  • Engineering intern:  For qualified interns, they will have the opportunity to help design projects, ranging from small scale CSR to larger installations, learn how to work with PVssist and other software.

CultivAid is an Israeli not for profit organization, specializing in knowledge and technology transfer initiatives with a focus in agriculture, nutrition and water development. The organization emphasizes the construction of local knowledge infrastructures that constitute a mechanism for the self-development of the population, in order to create food security and economic stability. CultivAid’s holistic methodology combines market-based approaches together with social interventions, combining agro-business and rural development initiatives.



Project Development for agricultural recovery & Resilience Project in Tigray, Ethiopia. Skills needed: good communication skills to work with international partners in Ethiopia and around the world, English speaking and writing skills, proficiency in Excel and grant writing with supervision.


Resource development and Public Relations - Research on potential funding opportunities, supporting grant writing and program proposals, social media, schedule of talks, research options and set up logistics to have speaking events.


Research for Development – Research projects on country specific sector or value chain.  For example, policy implementation of sectoral development, Fruit tree development and export, Vineyards and wine production, market research and analysis. Determining focus areas for program development (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda).


Human resource development -Development of recruitment and training programs, reaching out to potential interns, establishing a recognized internship program.


Location: Rehovot, Israel / Tel-Aviv, Israel


SmartAID- The Power of Innovation to Change lives. SmartAID is an international not-for-profit, aid agency with offices in Israel, the USA and Australia. The organization views technology and innovation as a fundamental component of any humanitarian aid and self-sustaining community globally. SmartAID specializes in in the adaptation, integration and use of high and basic technological systems and innovative tools that can exponentially improve the efficiency of traditional humanitarian settings and have the greatest impact in improving the quality of life for communities in need. Examples of past and current SmartAID activities include, Puerto Rico integrating solar energy systems, Sulawesi (Indonesia) integrating clean energy and water, setting up solar water pumps for farmers in rural Peru,



SmartAID is seeking a disaster relief tech coordinator to help map and build ongoing relationships between the tech community and international aid agencies in times of emergencies.

Malawi Project

In the summer of 2001, the Malawi Embassy in Jerusalem will be open, with the aim of encouraging Israeli innovation and creating a positive impact for both parties. Entrepreneurs, investors, and aid organizations to operate in Malawi and bring Israeli innovation and create positive impact for both parties. The state of Malawi is eager to bring in investors and entrepreneurs in a variety of sectors. Malawi Development seeks to connect investors, businessmen and philanthropists from Israel in Malawi to create fertile ground for both Malawi development and excellent land for entrepreneurs and investors who are looking to operate in the country. The program provides the necessary connections, familiarity with the culture, familiarity with the local market, assistance in problem solving and personal accompaniment throughout the activity. Focusing on creating public discourse and intellectual leadership through programs and events for the benefit of connecting and strengthening relations between Israel and Malawi and examining Malawi's major trends, developments, and challenges in the 21st century and how we can work together to collaborate and bring innovative and creative Israeli solutions to the needs of the developing Malawi and create a positive impact for both parties.


Research Intern

  • Research on the needs in Malawi about agriculture, Health, Tourism, Education and Women's Empowerment, the establishment of logistics for holding speech events and on investment options and potential financing.
  • Assist in coordinating and operating the online programs for the future of Israel Malawi and ensure the smooth running of online seminars and workshops between participants, facilitators and both Israeli and Malawian speakers.
  • Requirements
    • Fluent in English (spoken and written)
    • Organizational and coordination skills
    • Ability to take initiative and manage tasks and projects with minimal supervision.
    • Wise communicator, creative thinker and problem solver
    • Excellent interpersonal skills (friendly, positive, approachable respectful and able to deal skillfully with people at all levels) in a positive professional approach.
    • High sense of intuition with the ability and sensitivity to manage culturally diverse group dynamics.
    • Extensive international experience and experience dealing with often complex cross-cultural situations.
    • Orientation in communication and ability to manage events and breakouts in zoom
  • Time commitment and location:
    • Estimated 16 hours per week, the position can be managed remotely/ online.


Preparation of presentations, Public Relations, Campaign, Events and Research Intern

  • Prepare presentations and coordinate online events at the Malawi Israel Center during the year including webinars, public online seminars and exclusive briefings/ networking events. Produce performance reports, analysis and interpretation of income opportunities, market research review, budget building, activity monitoring, data analysis and optimization to improve sales and activity. Report to team manager for additional tasks (20% assistance with ongoing research projects on specific topics, such as private- public partnerships, community involvement methods, UN innovation- related projects).
  • Requirements
    • Fluent in English (written and spoken)
    • Experience in coordinating influential events and programs
    • Ability to take initiative and manage tasks and projects with minimal supervision.
    • Proficient in communication and ability to manage events and rooms in Zoom.
  • Time commitment and location
    • 8+ hours a week, the position can be managed remotely/ online.
Little Light Uganda

“LITTLE LIGHT” is a non-profit community-based organization operating in Namuwongo slum, Kampala, Uganda. Namuwongo is not only one of the biggest and harshest slums in Kampala, but it's also one of the biggest refugee and migration centers in Kampala, with villagers migrating for a better life and refugees fleeing from war-ridden territories all over Africa.
The organization runs a nursery and primary school for the community’s children and later, with the help of private sponsors, supports them in continuing their education in schools in Kampala.

Internship positions to be done on a weekly basis from Israel:

Content Writer - Establishing the content writing field in Little Light, while providing valuable content for the organization's departments.

  • Collecting and formalizing information and updates from our management and Board of Directors.
  • Writing and publication of a monthly newsletter for our stakeholders.
  • Writing and publication of a fortnightly post for Little Light’s blog which will be included in our website.
  • Create contents for social media, a newsletter for stakeholders, content for our eCommerce platforms and general website.

Campaign Manager - Promote Little Light campaigns on social media and maximize revenue.

  • Generating performance reports, analyzing and interpreting revenue opportunities
  • Drive traffic through social media
  • Market research overview, budget building, activity monitoring, data analysis, and optimization to improve sales and activity
  • Report to Team Leader.
  • Qualifications
    • A basic understanding of the digital world

Education - Support the Educational Assistance and Private Lessons projects that are run by the volunteers in the field.

  • creating work plans for tutoring.
  • giving educational seminars to teachers via Zoom.
  • creating training guides for volunteers.
  • Develop informal education programs for children aged 3-18

Business development - Mentoring our Business Development team through processes on both online and offline channels- Etsy shop, our eCommerce, jewelry stores, other B2B collaborations etc.

  • Preparing business development plans and executing them
  • Providing valuable mentorship to the Business Development Team Leader and team members.

Human Resources - Mentoring our Human Resources Manager through HR processes for international volunteers and local employees.

  • In-depth analysis of HR processes in the organization.
  • Taking part in the HR processes in order to provide new tools for the organization.

New Media

  • Preparing a SEO work plan and executing it, while providing training to Little Light members to be able to manage this field in the long run.
  • Social Media- preparing a comprehensive plan for upgrading Little Light's social media pages and expanding our presence across leading platforms. The role includes mentoring relevant team members and overseeing the entire social media activity.
  • Email marketing- establishing the email marketing field in Little Light to drive sales, donations and awareness, while mentoring relevant team members to ensure continuity for the long run.


Dream Doctors

Founded in 2002, the Dream Doctors Project integrates professional medical clowns, ‘Dream Doctors’ into Israeli hospitals by training them to work as members of multidisciplinary care teams.  Dedicated to improving patients’ wellbeing and enhancing the efficiency of healthcare delivery, Dream Doctor’s trailblazing approach aims to promote medical clowning as an officially recognized paramedical profession so that every child and patient has the opportunity to benefit from Dream Doctors specialized, therapeutic care. Today, 100 Dream Doctors work as integrated members of medical teams in 31 hospitals across Israel, assisting in more than 40 different medical procedures.  Dream Doctors offer specialized care to over    200, 000 child and adult patients a year including preemie babies, youth-at-risk, victims of sexual assault, veterans, and communities in trauma, among others.  Dream Doctors receive specialized training in crisis intervention and serve as military reservists in IDF humanitarian relief missions around the world. In addition to providing emotional relief to patients and their families, advance healthcare efficacy and improving treatment outcomes, the project aims to achieve the official recognition of medical clowning as a paramedical profession in Israel’s healthcare system so that every patient in need can encounter a Dream Doctor.

Dream Doctors Intern: Intern will be in charge of creating professional programs that will aid in medical clowning training all over the world.

Requirements: Must be a native English speaker, have experience writing professional programs and be a highly skilled writer.


We are non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to prevention and assistance in emergencies and disasters, delivering hand-in-hand aid directly to those in need. Since 2005, we have been dedicated our efforts to rescue, humanitarian aid and disaster prevention worldwide. We act as humanitarian link for the World’s Jewish communities and work inspiring and activating people to be humanitarian with the aim of building a resilient, fair and equitable world for all. Currently we have offices in: Mexico, USA, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, South Africa and Israel.

We Act In: Natural disasters – Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and more.

Humanitarian crises – Marginalization and forced displacement.


Our Mission

To relieve human suffering by reducing the vulnerability of populations living in constant risk of disasters and crises, fostering a culture of prevention and inclusion.


Our Vision

To be the link for humanitarian aid between vulnerable communities and concerned citizens, thus changing the realities and generating autonomous and resilient communities.

Tikkun Olam

It means to be jointly responsible for others through the most difficult times.

It means believing in humankind as one single family. It means having a universal view of the challenges faced by the entire World. It means not just asking why things happen, but also What am I willing to do about it?

It means believing in harmony between human beings and our natural environment.


Courses of action

Programs to prevent, prepare, respond and rebuild communities affected by disasters and crises. -We implement hand-in-hand missions to deliver help to the communities that need it most. We have carried out rescue missions, delivered groceries, and conducted medical, psychological, and dental consultations.


  • Rescue and Immediate Response: The first 72 hours after an emergency or disaster are critical. This is why CADENA formed the Go Team, a team that is prepared to act in an emergency situation.
  • Prevention: Resilience-Building. We develop local capacities to prepare vulnerable communities for future disasters.
  • Reconstruction: We coordinate the reconstruction of homes, medical centers, and schools affected by disasters and emergencies in alliance with local communities.
  • Economic Reactivation: We help boost local economies by “adopting” entire communities while coordinating the reconstruction of homes and schools affected by disasters.

·Education and Training: Participants range from early ages to university students; in these programs, our mission is to plant the seed for a humanitarian call of action and leadership. 



Since CADENA is a representative for the World’s Jewish Communities, it was essential to have CADENA Israel. Additionally, Israel is a key regional hub — maintaining contact with Asia, Northern Africa and Europe. CADENA Israel is a direct link with Israeli organizations and government institutions, which allows us to directly influence the humanitarian training of thousands of people through our Education projects and carry out health-related programs.


Our Projects
Cadena Initiative
 is a Contest of ideas where middle school children propose a solution to prevent or respond to a natural disaster or a humanitarian crisis in a more effective way.  It also allows them to empathize with a specific community in the world and propose a humanitarian intervention. Young adults between the ages of 12 and 15 years old from around ten different countries propose a project. The focus of their proposal is to find a better way to prevent or respond to a crisis and, together with their school develop an idea that will be presented in front of an audience and judges.

By promoting skills such as research, analysis, and conflict resolution, we have been amazed by a broad number of impressive ideas that some of these Young Adults have proposed when it comes to helping vulnerable communities. We have a National competition and an international final with 41 schools from 19 different cities. The winners of the international contest receive advisory and financial funding to initiate the launch of their project.



In order to be a professional rescuer and to be part of our Go Team, it is necessary to have received the proper training. Therefore, CADENA offers 8-week training at the Wingate Institute in Netanya, Israel. This training aims for young adults to become well trained and achieve being the best in their field. In addition, the aim is to create an elite team capable of assisting in any disaster.

Moreover, we are currently developing a new and innovative program:  the Humanitarian Hajshara. We are aiming to develop a full 8-weeks program in educating young adults to become humanitarian entrepreneurs, developing their political, social, and environmental awareness In order to become active agents of change.


Gaza Health Center

In partnership with STELP, FriendShips and NATAN we are currently developing a new project that aims to create a medical field clinic and humanitarian base Located in the no-go zone on the border inside the Gaza strip. This initiative was established by Friend Ships Unlimited, staffed solely by volunteers where services and medicines are FREE of Charge. CADENA is going to support the recruiting, deploying and management of the volunteers in the field.



We are currently looking for someone with a background and passion about emergencies and disaster work and with the vision to develop and contribute to grow our Israel office in terms of networking, developing fundraising opportunities, assessing in creating strategic alliances and contributing to the design and implementation of the projects.

We strongly encourage those of you who are interested in educational and/or health projects to reach out to find more about the work at CADENA Israel. We are looking forward to developing together a Tailor-Made Terms of Reference for the internship, based on finding what fits best the candidate applying.

A few things you should know about working with CADENA.

  • Our work is home-office based.
  • We work Monday – Friday aligned with the international offices.
  • The office in Israel is integrated by the CADENA Director, working together with other NGOs and Government Institutions and with the teams in the rest of the world.

JReady is seeking innovative thinkers with drive and determination to be part of a global initiative for Jewish community resilience. JReady assists Jewish communities in dealing with the challenging consequences of COVID-19 as well as with overall emergency preparedness, response, and rehabilitation. At this time, JReady is supporting dozens of Jewish communities around the world and is laying the groundwork to respond to future crises by sharing information, experience and technological capabilities accumulated in Israel and in communities worldwide.


An internship with JReady will give you the opportunity to interact with top experts in the field of crisis management, expose you to new technologies and innovations, research and review policy and ‘best practices’, participate in professional webinars, and develop transferable skills that will influence your future professional trajectory.



  1. Management of Web content
  • Review existing materials, ensuring relevancy and accuracy
  • Identify additional content from Israeli and international sources, including documents, tools, best practices, experts, and webinars.
  1. Community mapping and research
  • Using questionnaires and strategies developed by the JReady team, investigate and map out key community institutions and available resources to determine both their respective needs and strengths (the list of countries and communities will be provided), with the goal of understanding their emergency preparedness. 
  1. Coordination of webinars
  • Identify themes (among areas of crisis management and resilience) and speakers for quarterly webinars hosted by JReady.
  1. Social media, marketing, and communications
  • Develop and maintain social media platforms including gathering and sharing beneficiary stories, new tools and developments
  • Prepare a monthly newsletter to send out to global partners.
  1. Maintenance of CRM and WordPress systems – selecting graphics, inputting data and content, downloading reports, and so on.


Preferred Background and Qualifications
University degree in relevant field – preferable

  1. Experience writing and editing content
  2. Social media savvy
  3. Understanding of Jewish communities around the world – significant advantage
  4. Experience maintaining CRM systems, email marketing, WordPress, Google Analytics – significant advantage
  5. Familiarity with the field of crisis management – advantage
  6. Experience managing online events and webinars – advantage
  7. English fluency (required); Hebrew proficiency (advantage); other languages such as Spanish and Russian (advantage)


Main languages:

English (required); Hebrew (significant advantage); Spanish, Russian and other languages (advantage)


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