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The establishment of the School of Public Health in the Faculty of Medicine, at Tel Aviv University gives recognition to the fact that the medical sciences, and medicine in particular need to devote increasingly greater resources to research and teaching in the field of public health; even though it may be at the expense of research and teaching in medicine.  Given the fact that life expectancy has been lengthened, it is appropriate for the health professions to work towards improving the mechanisms of preventive medicine, and the quality of life, in its broadest sense. Within the framework of the school, five departments will function: Epidemiology, Health Systems Management, Health Promotion, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and Emergency Medicine and Disasters. Tel Aviv University is fortunate to have a critical mass of both researchers and physicians in these fields - they will enable researchers to deal with many issues related to promoting health.


The research and teaching activities in the field of emergencies and disasters will be enhanced by the presence of a multidisciplinary faculty, and a framework to support these important activities. A framework such as this is necessary in order to promote the advancement of the means by which both natural and manmade disasters and emergencies are managed.


In our opinion, it is essential that personnel working in this field will be well trained, especially as it relates to how to cope with disaster situations, however, the optimal management in all situations demands that personnel be provided with knowledge and skills in related areas as well.   


The goal of the program being offered by the Department of Disaster and Emergency Medicine, in cooperation with experts from a wide range of non- medical professions, is to provide learners with the knowledge and skills that will help them cope with the challenges they may encounter in carrying out their professional roles. We are convinced that the proposed program will contribute significantly to the professionalization process, and the abilities of personnel involved in the field of management of disasters and emergencies. It is important that both the personnel and the organizations in which they work be prepared to deal with these challenges.



Prof. Joseph Makori


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