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The last decades have displayed the devastating consequences of natural and man-made emergencies and disasters that have occurred globally, impacting on human lives, communities and infrastructure. Though some of these events may be inevitable and/or unpreventable, their impact and results can and must be prevented. It is in our power to strengthen the capacity to prepare for and manage such events, in order to promote the health and safety of societies worldwide.

The Department of Disaster Management and Injury Prevention (DMIP) at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine is a multidisciplinary teaching and research hub in the field of emergency and disaster management. We strive to promote knowledge and explore innovative approaches to promote public health, safety, security and resilience. To this end, our faculty and researchers employ high standards of academic work, combined with field experience and expansive networking with expert colleagues, to achieve the highest standards of teaching and educating the next generations of emergency management leaders.


Our education program in Emergency and Disaster management (EMPH) encompasses a wide range of fields, including disaster management, disaster medicine, public health, psycho-social & behavioral studies, psycho-trauma, resilience promotion & management, humanitarian action, risk & crisis communication, risk management & business continuity, CBRNe security, and more. This wide range of topics is possible due to the kaleidoscope of our faculty which includes leading experts specializing in different aspects of emergency & disaster management.

We invite you to participate in our EMPH program, be involved in building the science of disaster preparedness and management, and commence on an exciting and challenging journey in the disaster management and humanitarian action world.



Prof. Kobi Peleg

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